Unpublished work

Organic Transistors (Tutorial)

Experimental Techniques to determine transport parameters (Tutorial)

Why Generalized Einstein Relation does not affect the Ideality factor in PN Diodes [adobe presnter file requires flash player plugin or local saving]

Metal Semiconductor contact, a different angle [adobe presnter file requires flash player plugin or local saving]

Solar Cells, OPVs, and some potential losses

Shockley Queisser paper(greatly) Simplified. Original paper can be found on JAP

I am told that to optimize cost/efficiency students at the Technion run the lectures at speed x2. I guess I should take it as a complement that mine are not at x3

I know that it is sometimes annoying that I leave some questions unanswered or ask you to find the hidden assumptions.

Unfortunately, hidden-assumptions tend to be hidden. Most of the times they are hidden very well simply because they were originaly made without me (or others) being aware of doing it.

When you try to find the hidden-assumption know that they are typically where you least expect them. Some of the "axioms" we learn (or teach) at undegrad are not so, especially for new devices and emerging technologies. It is best you find the assumptions yourself but you can also find the assumptions I am aware of here. Feel free to click Email Nir and send questions my way.

Powerpoint presentations given at various places around the globe

ICSM & ICEM 2016 - can we recover 0.2eV of V_OC

Patterned, or perforated/permeable, vertical field effect transistor

Generation Recombination in sollar cells, London ECME 2013

Exciton-Polaron loss in sollar cells & the enrgy balance, Strasbourg E-MRS 2013

Transport and Recombination Under the Premise of Solar Cells - The Role of Energy Transport, Boston MRS 2012

Transport in soft matter (lect_4)

Plenary Talk by Nir at the UK Semicon Conference (2012)

Rigorous analysis of optical emission from OLEDS

Conjugated semiconducting and luminescent Peptides

Plenary Talk by Nir at the ECOER05 Conference (charge transport etc.)

Tutorial on Charge Transport in Organics that Nir gave at MRS, spring 2004

Organic Lasers, ECOER 03

Polymer nano-crystal composites for telecom

Other Info which I found somewhat useful at times

Free Codes

Chemical Potential & Quasi

Is Nitrogen Inert Enough?

Some concepts

Silicon Processing - FET substrates

What is a good contact?

Optical Modeling

Refractive Indices

Glass Transition Temperature

Environmental Stability

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