Group Members

Research Staff
Nir Prof. Nir Tessler Email
Vladislav Vladislav Medvedev Email
Olga Dr. Olga Solomeshch Email
Gil Gil Sheleg Email Vertical FETs
Dan Dan Liraz Email Physical processes in photocells
Zetian Zetian Chen Email IGZO Transistors and photo transistor
Sapir Sapir Bitton Email Perovskite based FETs
Doaa Doaa Shamalia Email 2D Perovskites
Hela Hela Fadool Email Organic PV
Past members Located at
Yohai Dr. Yohai Roichman Email Israel
LiFeng Dr. Li Feng Email Jilin University
Roy Dr. Roy Shenhar Email Hebrew University
Noam Dr Noam Rapaport Email SCD
Oded Oded Globerman Email ??
YoungJun Dr. Young-Jun Yu Email LG Display
Evgeni Dr. Evgeni Preezant Email
Yair Yair Ganot Email IMEC
Michal Dr. Michal Soreni Email MAFAT
Eran Dr. Eran Avnon Email SCD
Nir Yaacobi Dr. Nir Yaacobi Email Cambridge Display Technology (CDT)
Israel Israel Ravia Email
Ariel Prof. Ariel Epstein Email EE Dept. Technion
Ariel Dr. Ariel Ben Sassoon Email Washington University
Netta Netta David Email SCD
Dahvyd Dahvyd Wing Email Weizmann Inst
Tali Tali Avrahamov Email
Dan Dr. Dan Mendels Email University of Chicago
Pramod Dr. Pramod Kumar Email
Michael Dr. Michael Greenman Email
Osnat Dr. Osnat Magen Email SCD
Durgesh Dr. Durgesh Chand Tripathi Email
Himanshu Dr. Himanshu Shekhar Email Graphene center, Cambridge, UK
Lior Dr. Lior Levy Email