This laboratory is targeting the fast evolving field of semiconducting and light emitting organic materials and devices. These materials can be regarded in many ways as plastics and hence the possibilities of having flexible screens on one hand and ink-jet printable electronics on the other. As this field is still at its early age we aim to cover material properties as well as device properties and cross correlate the two. New device configurations and new fabrication methods are among our primary goals since they not only advance the technology but also allow better insight into the material properties that are relevant and affect device performance.

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Among the projects we are interested in you can find:

All organic ("plastic") optoelectronics

Organic Materials

Interfacing with other material systems/technologies

Organization of Organic Lab

The lab belongs to the electrical engineering department in the Technion and it consists of two parts:


The labs are located within the nanoelectronic center- Technion and it adds the ability to work in an inert atmosphere (solution processing and metal/dielectric deposition) within a glove-box..
If you like you could also view photos of our glove-box.