Yoav Y. Schechner

Prof. Yoav Y. Schechner
Viterbi Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000, Israel

Phone: +972-4-8293236
Fax: +972-4-8295757
E-mail: yoav@ee.technion.ac.il

Research interests

Computer vision, imaging and cross-modal analysis. Influencing the sensing process to extract enhanced information about scenes (computational photography). Computational analysis of the acquired data by accounting for optical and other physical processes of image formation.

Resulting studies include:

Tomographic atmospheric recovery; refractive distortions (virtual periscope); imaging through turbid (scattering) media e.g., overcoming haze and underwater imaging; Spaceborne multiview recovery; computational imaging on the electric grid; illumination multiplexing; 3D shape estimation based on defocus and diffracted-rotated PSFs; separation and reconstruction of semireflections and transparent layers; polarization and multispectral imaging; radiometric self-calibration; overcoming and exploiting lens-flare and random illumination caustics; recovery limits under pointwise degradations; audio-visual analysis.

Some of the studies involve statistical frameworks to achieve blind estimation. Here is a Wordl based on the research page:

What's new?

Dec 2018, Awarded ERC-Synergy grant
    CloudCT: a space mission to probe small clouds using 3D optical scattering tomography that will run on images taken by a large orbiting formation of nano-satellites. It will seek better understanding of clouds and climate, while pushing computational photgraphy and space-enginering technologies to new frontiers. PIs Yoav Schechner (Technion), Ilan Koren (WIS) and Klaus Schilling (ZfT).
July 2018, New paper
    A. Geva, Y. Y. Schechner, J. Chernyak, R. Gupta, X-ray Computed Tomography Through Scatter. Proc. ECCV (2018).
June 2018. Five invited talks. A new Paper
  1. A. Levis, Y. Y. Schechner and R. Talmon, Statistical tomography of microscopic life. Proc. IEEE CVPR (2018), and Invited talk in CVPR Workshop on Automated Analysis of Marine Video for Environmental Monitoring (2018).
  2. Y. Y. Schechner, Walk to the dark side. IWCV (Modena 2018) Invited.
  3. Y. Y. Schechner, Extra-terrestrial computational imaging, with down-to-Earth outcomes. CVPR Workshop on Computational Cameras and Displays (CCD 2018) Invited.
  4. A. Aides, Y. Y. Schechner, V. Holodovsky, A. Levis, D. Althausen, Measuring atmospheric scattering in 3D. OSA Propagation Through and Characterization of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena (2018) Invited.
  5. Y. Y. Schechner, A. Aides, A. Levis, V. Holodovsky, Sensing aerosol distributions and clouds in 3D to better understand their climatic role. ISEES Annual Conf. Science and the Environment(2018) Invited.
May 2018, Two papers. A Best Paper Award
  1. T. Maeda, A. Kadambi, Y. Y. Schechner and R. Raskar Dynamic Heterodyne Interferometry. Proc. IEEE ICCP (2018) Best Paper Award.
  2. M. Sheinin, Y. Y. Schechner and K. N. Kutulakos, Rolling shutter imaging on the electric grid. Proc. IEEE ICCP (2018).
January 2018, Selected Space Mission
    The CIEL Space Mission is selected to be the next Israeli-French (ISA-CNES) mission. Our group is in the core science team. Our role is to devise measuerements of dynamic 3D flow fields on cloud-tops, from observation satellites that we characterise. Wanted: Students to join this exciting research breakthrough, having interest in any of the following: computer vision, optics, image processing, meteorology, climate.

Brief bio

B.A. in Physics '90
MSc in Physics '94
PhD in Electrical Eng. '99
All my degrees are from the Technion.
Then, Research Scientist in Columbia U. '00-'02. I was a Visiting Associate in Caltech and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) '10-'11, and in MIT '16.
Now a Professor in the Technion's Viterbi Faculty of Elect. Eng. A Landau Fellow - supported by the Taub Foundation.
Best Paper Award, ICCP 2013+2018. Best Student Paper Award, CVPR 2017. Distinguished Teaching Honorable Mention, Technion 2017. Fumio Okano Best 3D Paper Award 2017.
A Principal Investigator and Coordinator of the ERC-Synergy CloudCT project. More details are in my CV.

Virtual Periscope Cross-Modal Denoising Multiplexed Unmixing Geometry by Deflaring Aerosol Tomography Flat Refractive Geometry Rotating Beams Harmony in Motion Multiplexed Illumination Generalized Mosaicing Clear Underwater Vision Spectral and Dynamic Range Modulation Imaging Instant Dehazing Active Illumination De-scattering
Hybrid Imaging Lab