Yoav Y. Schechner: Lab & Group


Hybrid Imaging Laboratory

The Hybrid Imaging Lab is headed by Prof. Schechner in the Viterbi Faculty of Elect. Eng., Technion. In addition to graduate students and research staff, undergraduate students perform projects in conjunction to the research activity. The research includes theory, numerics, lab and field experiments (underwater, open air, night, desert etc.).

The lab possesses professional equipment for scuba diving, underwater photography, airborne particle metering and autonomous drones. During 2016-2017, we host a PollyXT aerosol lidar from TROPOS and a sun-photometer. The lab has optical tables, motorized stages and a wealth of optical, optomechanical, photgraphy and electronic components. Custom systems and components are frequently made by the research staff, using 3D printing, software developed in-house, optical and electronic integration. Towards this, the lab receives service from the machine and electronic workshops of the EE Faculty and external contractors. Contractors also operate manned-glider flights. We receive great help from the wider community (institutions and private people) by hosting our camera network nodes voluntarily.

The lab also has a Zeiss Axiovert 200M MAT microscope, with several accompanying stabilized light sources, some of which are coupled to the microscope via a fiber-optic scrambler. This is in addition to PCs, typical to any computer vision lab.

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Students and Staff

Rotem Zamir

Mark Sheinin

Lior Arbel

Noy Gannani

Adi Vainiger

Aviad Levis

Jonatan Chernyak

Vadim Holodovsky

Adam Geva

Amit Aides


Tali Treibitz

Yohay Swirski

Yael Erez

Einav Namer

Nir Karpel

Yaron Diamant

Ben Herzberg

Adi Mendelowitz

Costa Gurgov

Ron Schneider

Orr Cohen

Marina Alterman

Moran Mordechai

Yael Weissman

Einat Kidron

Amit Oved

Saar Bobrov

Zohar Barzelay

Yuval Averbuch

Alex Golts

Fima Koreban

Dana Segev

Anatoly Litvinov

Sarit Shwartz

Netanel Ratner

Gal Gur-Arye

Valery Sokolovsky

Bat-Hen Sayag

Tamar Avraham

Danny Veikherman

Thanks to Freddy Bruckstein and Nina Schechner for inspiring ideas for the lab logo.