Mark Shifrin

I received Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in 2014.

My advisors were prof. Israel Cidon and prof. Rami Atar.

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Research Interests

Stochastic modeling and control in computer networks

MDP (Markov Decision Processes) and Threshold-type policies in MDP, and the applications to computer networks and wireless networks
Diffusion limit and diffusion control problems and their application in computer networks

Asymptotic optimality of diffusion control

HJB equations and viscosity solutions

Queuing theory and its applications in networks

Internet architecture and protocols



         M. Shifrin, A. Cohen, O. Gurewitz, O. Weisman, " Coded Retransmission in Wireless Networks Via Abstract MDPs: Theory and Algorithms", work in progress

         R. Atar, I. Cidon, M.Shifrin, "MDP based optimal pricing for a cloud computing queueing model", Performance Evaluation, 78 (2014) 1-6R.

         R. Atar and M. Shifrin, An asymptotic optimality result for the multiclass queue with finite buffers in heavy traffic, in revision, Stochastic systems.

         M. Shifrin, R. Atar, and I. Cidon. "Optimal scheduling in the hybrid-cloud", IM 2013, May 2013.

         M. Shifrin, R. Atar, and I. Cidon. "To cloud or not to cloud: Optimizing cloudbursting costs" CCIT Report #797, November 2011,

         M. Shifrin and I. Cidon, "C3: Collective Congestion Control in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks", The Seventh International Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services (WONS 2010), February, 2010

      Mark Shifrin and Isaac Keslassy, "Small-Buffer Networks," Computer Networks, Vol. 53, No. 14, pp. 25522565, September 2009.

      Mark Shifrin and Isaac Keslassy, "Modeling TCP in Small-Buffer Networks," Networking '08, Singapore, May 2008


Teaching Positions


Tools for analysis of computerized systems (046925, course on advanced queuing theory), TA

Internet and Computer Communication II (046005), TA

Comnet lab-Softlab: Projects instructor

Comnet lab-Softlab: Lab experiments instructor (TCP/IP)



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