Rami Atar                                                                 רמי אתר


            Mail:          Department of Electrical Engineering

                             Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel


          Phone:        (972) 4 829 4735

          Fax:            (972) 4 829 5757


          Office:        657 Meyer Building


          Email:        Description: image004





I am a professor at the Electrical Engineering Department of the Technion


My research interests are in probability theory its applications


Specifically, I work on


- Diffusion scale analysis of queueing models

- Asymptotically optimal control in heavy traffic regimes

- PDE techniques in stochastic control and differential games

- Large deviation asymptotics

- Interplay between PDE and probability

- Nonlinear filtering



For my publications, please follow this link


Information on courses I teach or have recently taught appears here


I serve on AMO; past service: AAP, AOP, MMOR, MOR, and QUESTA


Probability and Stochastic Processes at the Technion