Levi   Schächter

Department of Electrical Engineering
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000Israel


Phone at work:  (972) (4) 829 4624

Fax at work:      (972) (4) 829 4627

Email:               levi@ee.technion.ac.il



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 Main research areas

  • Advanced acceleration concepts..
  • Interaction of free electrons with electromagnetic fields and waves.
  • Interaction of electromagnetic field with the human body.


Current research

  • PASER: Particle acceleration by stimulated emission of radiation.
  • Solar energy.
  • Medical accelerators.

Journal Publications by Topic:

Electron Sources Based on Ferro-ElectricsGeneration & Amplification of RadiationElectron Acceleration in Optical Structures

ElectrodynamicsSintering Ceramics with MicrowavePeriodic & Quasi-Periodic StructuresPASERSolar Energy

Optical Forces on DieletricsHuman Body & EM FieldSelected Invited TalksBooksPress


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Undergraduate Lecture Notes:

Electromagnetic FieldsQuantum MechanicsMicrowave TheoryIntroduction to Circuit Theory

Graduate Lecture Notes: