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The Source-Model Technique Package (SMTP) is a free MATLAB 7.x toolbox for modal analysis of optical waveguides, based on the Source-Model Technique. It was developed by Amit Hochman during the course of graduate studies with
Prof. Yehuda Leviatan at the EE Dept.,
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.


bulletThe SMTP uses a fully vectorial integral-equation method.
bulletIt can handle high index contrasts and dispersive media. Permittivity models for Silica and noble metals are included.
bulletIt can handle arbitrary (but smooth) geometries.
bulletIt has a Graphical User Interface (screen shot).
bulletIt accepts a binary image of cross-section as input. Alternatively, the input can be defined by Matlab code.


Matlab 7.x with the 'spline' and 'image processing' toolboxes installed.

What's New

Oct. 30th, 2007: The main reference for the SMTP mode solver has been published in Optics Express.

Sep. 2nd, 2007: A bug in the geometry import function has been fixed.


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