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Contact Address:
Professor Yehuda Leviatan
(Joseph and Sadie Riesman Chair in Electrical Engineering)
The Andrew & Erna Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technion−Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, 32000, Israel
Phone: +972-4-829-4639
Fax: +972-4-829-5757

Areas of Interest

Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics

Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis

Wavelets in Electromagnetics

Periodic Structures and Gratings

Photonic and Electromagnetic Crystal Structures

Photonic Crystal and Microstructure Fibers

Wideband and Multiband Small Communication Antennas

RFID Antennas

60 GHz Antenna Arrays

Short Biography


Papers Published in Conference Proceedings


Download the Source-Model Technique Package (SMTP) v2.0

The SMTP is a code for modal analysis of Photonic-Crystal Fibers and other dielectric waveguides, written in MATLAB 7.x. It includes an easy to use graphical user interface.

Download the Numerically-Determined Steepest Descent Path (NDSDP) Package.

The NDSDP is a code for efficient evaluation of Sommerfeld Integrals encountered in the dielectric half-space problem. It is written in MATLAB 7.x and includes a simple graphical user interface.


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