Multi Class SVM - Batch and Online Algorithm

A batch and online learning algorithms for multiclass large margin classifiers.
Please see the README for more details.

Penn StructLearn

The library contains tools for both classification and sequence learning using online algorithms.

One Class Algorithm based on Rate-Distortion theory

An algorithm to choose a coherent subset of points from a large set. Distance is between points to points and points to centroids is measured using Bregman Divergences.
Please see A Rate-Distortion One-Class Model and its Applications to Clustering for details.
After extracting the code, execute run_toy_data.m. It will run the algorithm while annealing beta.

Confidence Weighted Learning Library (email me for details)

Matlab code for diagonal matrices: Download
A collection of most confidence weighted learning algorithm into a library written in java. Download
Library written for sequences by Avihai Mejer ( paper ) Download