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Current (Official) Students

Yara Mulla: M.Sc. student in ECE.

Barak Gerstein: M.Sc. student in ECE.

Former Students

The graduate website contains more info on the student theses.


Gal Mendelson: Ph.D. EE 2020 (co-advisor: Rami Atar), "Load Balancing in Communication Networks: Asymptotic Performance and Theoretical Guarantees".

Shay Vargaftik: Ph.D. EE 2019 (co-advisor: Ariel Orda), "Scheduling and Load Balancing in Emerging Networked Systems".

Aran Bergman: Ph.D. EE 2017, "Sharing Cloud Networks".

Eitan Zahavi: Ph.D. EE 2016 (co-advisors: Avinoam Kolodny and Israel Cidon), "Forwarding in Computer Cluster Networks".

Ori Rottenstreich: Ph.D. EE 2014, "Coding Schemes for Memory-Efficient Routers".

Alex Shpiner: Ph.D. EE 2014, "Scaling Data Center Routers".

Yossi Kanizo: Ph.D. CS 2014 (co-advisor: David Hay), "Fast Decisions in High-Speed Networking Devices" .


Yoav Levi: M.Sc. ECE 2023, "Quantized Consistent Hashing".

Micha Dery: M.Sc. ECE 2022, "Enabling Small Router Buffers With a Learned AQM Policy".

Kfir Toledo: M.Sc. ECE 2022, "Dynamic Routing: from the Cloud to SD-WAN".

Dean Carmel: M.Sc. ECE 2022, "Dragonfly: In-flight Identification of Congestion Control Algorithms".

Asaf Samuel: M.Sc. EE 2018, "Routing Keys: A Scalable Application-Aware Routing Algorithm".

Sariel Ben Arye: M.Sc. EE 2016, "Congestion Control for Lossless Datacenters".

Ahmad Omary: M.Sc. EE 2016, "SARD: Switch-Based Adaptive Routing for Datacenters".

Yinnon Meshi: M.Sc. EE 2016 (co-advisor: Uri Weiser), "Flex: Optimal Energy Efficiency in Asymmetric Computer Architecture".

Marat Radan: M.Sc. EE 2014, "Tapping into the Router's Unutilized Processing Power".

Tsahee Zidenberg: M.Sc. EE 2012 (co-advisor: Uri Weiser), "MultiAmdahl: Optimal Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Systems".

Igor Tolchinsky: M.Sc. EE 2012 (co-advisor: Avi Mendelson), "Rethinking Locality in NUMA Systems".

Erez Tsidon: M.Sc. EE 2012, "Counter-Estimation Decoupling for Approximate Rates".

Evgeni Krimer: M.Sc. EE 2009 (co-advisor: Avinoam Kolodny), "Packet-Level Static Timing Analysis for On-Chip Networks".

Michael Asa: M.Sc. EE 2009, "Optimal Guaranteed-Routing Network".

Asaf Baron: M.Sc. EE 2008 (co-advisor: Ran Ginosar), "The Capacity Allocation Paradox".

Itamar Cohen: M.Sc. EE 2008, "T-Plots: A Novel Approach to Network Design".

Mark Shifrin: M.Sc. EE 2007, "The Gaussian Nature of TCP in Large Networks".

Hadas Kogan: M.Sc. EE 2007, "Optimal Optical Router".

Former Visiting Students

Andi Sai

Michael Gandelman

Maximilien Le Fevere

Pu Li

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