049011 Topics in Reliable Distributed Computing

General Information

Semester: Winter 2017-2018.
Where and when: Mondays 14:30-16:10 (no break), Meyer 353.
Instructor: Idit Keidar (idish AT ee).

To register for the course, please send me an email with "049011 signup" in the subject line.


In this course, we will discuss recent papers in the area of distributed algorithms and systems. This year, we will emphasize distributed storage and transactions and emerging memory technologies.

The course format is a reading group and a seminar. Each week, we will discuss one research paper. All course participants are expected to read the papers before they are presented in class, and to participate in the class discussion. Each student enrolled in the course will give one presentation.

Please look at the list of suggested papers in the introduction lecture, and select a paper you would like to present by March 31. Paper selections need to be approved by me, and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis. Please see more details on Requirements and Grading.

Prerequisite: an introductory course in the area of distributed computing. Please see me if you didn't take one and want to take this course. This is a graduate level course, but undergraduate students can take the course with special permission from me.


Additional resources:
SOSP 2017 OSDI 2016, SOSP 2015