August 22-28, 1999 to be held in Changsha, Hunan, China.


WEB-information about the conference

Following IFORS meeting in Beijing, in August 1999 this workshop

will be the first of its kind to be held in China. It recognises the growing
interest among the Chinese scholars in Markov Processes and their
applications as well as the need to expose their contributions to the
overseas community of experts.

This will be a four day scientific meeting, followed by an optional two

day excursion to (Zhang Jia Jie), one of the (most) famous scenic sites
in China. The symposium has been scheduled in the week following
IFORS'99 Conference. Participants will have an opportunity to hear
state-of-the-art lectures on a wide range of topics in Markov Processes
and Controlled Markov Chains and to exchange ideas with some of the
world's leading experts in these subjects.
Sponsored by:

Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability

National Science Foundation of China

Changsha Railway University, China

University of South Australia



All the sessions and the conference dinners will be held at the magnificent

hotels in the city center of Changsha. Changsha is the capital city of Hunan
Province, which enjoys a long history. The famous Mawangdui tombs (built
more than 2,000 years ago in the Han Dynasty) have become the focus of world
attention with their valuable cultural relics. The city is situated between
mountains and rivers, flown on north by the Xiang River
and sheltered on west by the Yuelu Mountain, enjoys a picturesque natural
beauty mixed
with the unique outlook of an ancient city. It is six-hour driving distance
to the most beautiful scenic spot ---Zhang Jia Jie National Park from Changsha.

The four day technical program will consist of plenary sessions and

presentations of invited and contributed papers. The topics include, but
are not limited to the following:
Continuous-time Markov chains and jump processes;

Stochastic analysis;

Interacting particle systems;


Piecewise determined processes;

Markov renewal processes;

Coupling, dual and large deviations;

Applications of Markov processes;

Existence of optimal policies in Controlled Markov Chains;

Constrained Controlled Markov Chains;

Numerical schemes for Controlled Markov Chains;

Singularly perturbed Controlled Markov Chains;

 Non-standard optimality criteria in Controlled Markov Chains;

 Approximation of controlled diffusions by Controlled Markov Chains;

 Applications of Controlled Markov Chains



The following international experts

have agreed to give plenary lectures at the workshop:

Prof. E. Dynkin (Cornell University, USA)

Prof. S. Watanabe (University of Kyoto, Japan)

Prof. A. Haurie (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Prof. O. Hernandez-Lerma (CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico)



Prof. Hou Zhenting (Changsha Railway University, China)

Prof. J.A. Filar (University of South Australia)

Dr Anyue Chen (University of Greenwich, UK).

Prof. L.H.Y. Chen (National University of Singapore)


The following international experts have agreed to serve on the

international program committee:


Prof. E. Dynkin (Cornell University, USA),

Prof. Shinzo Watanabe (University of Kyoto, Japan),

Prof. David Cox (Oxford University, UK),

Prof. Ryszard Syski (University of Maryland, USA)

Prof. Erik Van Doorn (University of Twenti, The Netherland)

Prof. A. Shwartz (Technion, Israel)

Dr J-B Lasserre (LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France)

Prof. O. Hernandez-Lerma (CINVEZTAV-IPN, Mexico)

Prof. L. Kallenberg (Leiden University, Netherlands)

Prof. A.F. Veinott (Stanford University, USA)

Prof. S.I. Marcus (University of Maryland, USA)

Prof. A. Hordijk (Leiden University, Netherlands)

Prof. E. Altman (INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France)

Prof. U. Rieder (Ulm University, Germany)

Prof. D. Krass (University of Toronto, Canada)

Prof. L. Thomas (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Prof. E. Feinberg (SUNY, USA)

Prof. U. Rothblum (Technion, Israel)

Prof. H. Puterman (UBC, Canada)

Prof. Z. Wang (Shantou University, China)

Prof. Z. Ma (Academy of Science, China)

Prof. S. Yan (Beijing Normal University, China)

Prof. J. Yan (Academy of Science, China)

Prof. M. Chen (Beijing Normal University, China)

Prof. Lam Yeh (Chinese University of Hongkong)

Prof Y. Lin (Tsinghua University, China)

Prof. K. Liu (Academy of Science, China)

Prof. P. Taylor (University of Adelaide, Australia)

Prof. S. Wang (Academy of Science, China)

Prof. G. Hu (Nankai University, China)

Prof. R. Wu (Nankai University, China)

Prof. X. Yang (Hunan Normal University, China)

Prof. M. Roeckner (University Bielefeld, Germany)

Prof. M. F. Neuts (University of Arizona)



 Chaired by Prof. Hou Zhenting.


Members of (LOC) Local Organizing Committee:

Prof. S. Gu (President of Changsha Railway University, China)

Prof. X. Hu (CSRU, China)

Prof. J. Zou (CSRU, China)

Prof. Z. Liu (CSRU, China)

Prof. H. Zhang (CSRU, China)

Prof. G. Xiao (CSRU, China)

Mr. X. Fang (Secretary, CSRU, China)




All accepted papers will be included in a volume of proceedings made

available to registered participants by the secretary of the International



All papers, or extended abstracts, are to be submitted to the IPC Co-Chairs,

by March 15, 1999. In particular,

1. Papers from outside of China dealing with general Markov processes

should be sent to:

Dr Anuye Chen

School of Computing & Mathematical Science

University of Greenwich

London SE18 6PF UK

TEL: +44 (0)181 3318492

Fax: +44 (0)181 3318665



2. Papers from outside of China dealing with Controlled Markov Chains

should be sent to:

Professor Jerzy A. Filar

Centre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics

University of South Australia

The Levels Campus, Mawson Lakes

SA 5095, Australia

Fax: +61-8 8302-5785


3. Papers from inside China dealing with any topic should be sent to:

Professor Hou Zhenting

Changsha Railway University

Changsha, Hunan 410075, China

Fax: 0731-5586475








Mailing Address:



Will you present a paper?:



Registration Fees: (includes copy of Proceedings)

Early Registrationbefore 1st of April 1999:

Registrants from Overseas: US$250.00

Student Registrants from Overseas: US$150.00

Registrants from China: RMBY1000.00

Student Registrants from China: RMBY500.00

Registration after 1st of April 1999:

Registrants from Overseas: US$300.00

Student Registrants from Overseas: US$175.00

Registrants from China: RMBY1500.00

Student Registrants from China: RMBY800.00

Registration fee can be sent to:

Mr Xiaobin Fan (Workshop Secretary)

Secretary to Prof. Zhenting Hou

Changsha Railway University

Changsha, Hunan 410075

P.R. of China

Fax: +86-731 5586475




Peng Shi, Lecturer

Centre for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics

School of Mathematics

The Levels Campus, Mawson Lakes

SA 5095, Australia

Phone: (+61 8) 83023787

Fax: (+61 8) 83025785