Welcome to the Image Compression Survey!

Thank you for taking this survey! Please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding.

Image compression is applied to digital images to reduce their storage and transmission costs. When an image is compressed by a large amount, some content is often lost and artifacts are typically introduced. Obviously, this is undesirable.

In this survey, you will be shown several images along with compressed versions of them. We are askking you to choose the compressed image which is more faithful to the original image. Choose the image that presserves more details and which looks sharper and more natural.

Please note that while it may seem that some comparisons are repeating themselves, they are not. In some cases the differences are rather subtle, and we have tried to supply you with sufficient tools to still make your decision. Also remember that you can use ctrl+mouse-wheel to zoom in/out for more careful inspection (you can try it now).

  • Please only complete this HIT once. You will not be paid for retakes. If you have already completed this HIT, all submissions but the first will be rejected, and you will only be paid for the first submission.
  • Some of the questions in the survey are only presented for confirming the validity of your answers. We will reject submissions that we will find unreliable.
  • At the end of the survey, you will be provided a code to submit to the Mturk survey page. Submissions of workers that did not complete the full survey will be rejected.
  • (Having a submission rejected is detrimental to your reputation as a worker, and may prevent you from completing HITs in the future.)

    Technical requirements:

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