Professor Joseph Shamir's Home Page

File Updated: March 2000


Department of Electrical Engineering, Room 660

Technion, Technion City,
Haifa 32000, Israel.
Phone: +972-(4)-8294738 Fax: +972-(4)-8323041


Scientific and Professional Associations:

Fellow of the Optical Society of America - OSA

Fellow of the International Society of Optical Engineers - SPIE.

Fellow of the IEEE.

Research Interests:

Laser Physics and Coherence Effects;
Theoretical Analysis of Optical Systems;
Coherent Optical and Electro-Optical Signal Processing;
General Aspects of Optical Computing and Architectures;
Optics of Thin Films;
Scattering of Electromagnetic Fields and Applications;
Holography, Interferometry and NDT;
Adaptive Optics;
Diffractive Optical Elements;
Industrial Applications of Electro-Optical Measuring Systems;
Electro-Optical Systems for Particle Diagnostics.

Recent Journal Publications:

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