Idit Keidar

Idit Keidar    עדית קידר

Lord Leonard Wolfson Academic Chair
Viterbi Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technion
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  Idit Keidar

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Three papers at DISC 2020: At EuroSys 2020: Three full papers and one poster at PPoPP 2020:


I'm interested in fault-tolerant distributed and concurrent algorithms and systems, theory and practice.

Scalable Byzantine fault tolerance


Distributed storage

  • Theory
  • Systems

    Concurrent data structures and transactions

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    My Ph.D. advisor was Danny Dolev, and according to the Mathematics Genealogy Project, my academic lineage includes Copernicus, Leibniz, Jacob Bernoulli, Euler, Lagrange, Laplace, and Poisson.

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    Finally, here are links to my full publications list (sorted by year), a short bio, and my full CV.

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