All Soviet Union Math Competitions

There are 579 problems in the set. So far I have got up solutions for 1961 thru 1967 and most of 1968 and 1988. Many thanks Vladimir Pertsel who first made the years up to 1987 available on the internet in English many years ago (before the web). His pioneering work has saved me much time. Many thanks also to Arkadii Slinko for providing the years 1988-1992.  


1st ARMO 1961
2nd ARMO 1962
3rd ARMO 1963
4th ARMO 1964
5th ARMO 1965
6th ARMO 1966
1st ASU 1967
2nd ASU 1968
3rd ASU 1969
4th ASU 1970
5th ASU 1971
6th ASU 1972
7th ASU 1973
8th ASU 1974
9th ASU 1975
10th ASU 1976
11th ASU 1977
12th ASU 1978
13th ASU 1979
14th ASU 1980
15th ASU 1981
16th ASU 1982
17th ASU 1983
18th ASU 1984
19th ASU 1985
20th ASU 1986
21st ASU 1987
22nd ASU 1988
23rd ASU 1989
24th ASU 1990
25th ASU 1991
1st CIS 1992

As I understand it, the history was as follows. The 1st All Russian Mathematical Olympiad was in 1961. In 1967 it was renamed the All Soviet Union Mathematical Olympiad and the numbering restarted, hence 1st ASU 1967. In 1992 it was renamed again as the Commonwealth of Independent States MO and the numbering restarted. But it was not held again. So 1992 was the last year.

The problems were intended for schoolchildren aged 14-17. Each year there were two papers of 3 or 4 questions each at three different levels (according to form, roughly ages, 14, 15, 16), but with some overlap between the levels. I can usually do the the easier questions as fast as I can write down the answer, which is almost never true for modern IMO questions. The hardest questions are comparable to the IMO.

The years up to 1987 are apparently published in Russian with solutions in Vasilev N B, Egorov A A, The problems of the All-Soviet-Union mathematical competitions, Moscow, Nauka 1988. ISBN 5020137308. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to get hold of a copy. However, Vladimir Pertsel published a large text file many years ago on the internet containing an English translation of the problems only. Unfortunately, some of the problems were rather hard to understand and I have substantially changed the wording here.

The years from 1989 to 1992 were published in English with solutions by Arkadii Slinko, USSR Mathematical Olympiads 1989-1992, Australian Mathematical Trust, 1997, ISBN 0646336185. The AMT publishes a series of olympiad problem books, which can be ordered by email.  


John Scholes
7 July 2002
Last updated/corrected 7 Jan 03