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I am a faculty member at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion where I am a member of the Technion Machine Learning Center and the Grand Technion Energy Program.
I am also a visiting professor at Cornell-Tech in NYC.

My research is in machine learning, control of large and stochastic systems, and game theory.

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High level objective

Understanding how to act and make decisions in dynamic, complex and uncertain environments that often contain multiple agents and how to model and understand high dimensional phenomena in general and dynamics in particular. I also like to see things work in the real world. This leads to focusing on:

See my publications page for more details.

More specific research interests

Open Positions (updated: September 2014)

  1. I am looking for postdocs and graduate students to join my team at the Technion. Please consider that working with me requires very strong mathematical skills and/or true hacking capabilities.  Email me your resume and a brief explanation of what you want to do if you are interested.
  2. I am looking for EE/CS/Math undergrads who are either mathematically strong or programming wizards for some very cool projects in mobile phone (Android) programming.

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The Technion
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 
Fishbach Bldg, Rm. 456
Tel. ++972-4-829-3284, Fax++972-4-829-5757

email: My first name AT ee DOT technion DOT ac DOT il