Completed Theses


1999  Noam Bloch (Ph.D). Title:  “Selective exploitation of redundancy for performance enhancement in  the presence of uncertainties.”

2006     Liran Liss (PhD, direct track). Title: “Realizing the performance of contemporary
            parallel and distributed systems: theoretical and systems perspectives.”


1995     Noam Bloch (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “Operation of non-bus-oriented all-optical single-hop interconnections”.

1995     Frank Ghenassia (M.Sc., project). Title: “An adaptive multimedia presentation system and its underlying operating system support”.

1995     Yaron Nachman (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “Reducing the wireless resource needed for tracking mobile users in cellular communication networks”.

1995     Ittai Tadmor (M.Sc., project). Topic: “Disk performance optimization in video servers”.

1996     Ronen Perets (M.Sc., research thesis).  Title: “A switch architecture for video-on-demand servers”.

1997     Tomer Kol (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “Informed-source coding-on-demand (ISCOD) for efficient dissemination of information over a broadcast channel”.

1998     Yaron Keren, (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “Judicious use of redundancy for improved performance in ALOHA networks”.

1998     Mark Mokryn (M.Sc., project). Title: “Intellijuke --- a smart hierarchical storage server”.

1999     Ayal Avrech (M.Sc., Final paper). Title: “Parallel associative computing: architectures,

applications and future directions”.
1999     Dan Steinberg (M.Sc. project). Title: “A novel traffic analyzer for the IEEE 1394 serial bus and its use for performance characterization and  analysis”.
1999     Dror Baron (M.Sc., research thesis). Topic: performance enhancements for multi-channel Aloha networks.
2000     Ron Mondri (M.Sc., research  thesis). Title: “Tailor-Made transmission for efficient Near Video-On-Demand service.”

2002     Yoram Revah (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “Utilization of Power Capture for Delay-Constrained Throughput Maximization in Multi-Channel ALOHA Networks.”

2002     Hrvoje Billic (M.Sc., research thesis). Title: “TCP/IP Pipelining – Improving Performance of large transfers over standard Gb/s Ethernet with Unmodified Operating Systems and Applications.”

2003     Nafea Bishara  (M.Sc.). Title: “SCSI-DSDC: Extending the SCSI Transport Layer with Separate Data and Control Paths for Distributed Storage-Area-Network Architectures.”

2003     Diego Crupnicoff (M.Sc.). Title: “Scalable Reliable Multi-Rate Point-to-Multipoint Distribution of Bulk Data.”

2004     Uri Tal (M.Sc.). Title: “Power Diversity for Maximum Delay-Constrained Throughput in ALOHA networks with Successive Decoding.”

2005     Alexander Gendler (M.Sc.). Title: “Efficient prefetchers for hierarchical memories.

2006     Aviel Timor (M.Sc.) Title: “Using Under-Utilized CPU Resources to Enhance its

2006     Erez Zilber (M.Sc.). Title: “TPT-RAID: a High Performance Box-Fault Tolerant Storage



Theses in Progress (completion times are tentative):


2007     Tomer Kol (Ph.D.). Topic: information systems.

2007     Evgeny Fiksman (M.Sc.). Topic: Dynamically Loadable FPGA modules.

2007     Yoav Levy (M.Sc.). Topic: AGrid: an Agent-based two-tier grid resource management

2007     Ishay Geller (M.Sc.) Mixed conventional and dataflow processor architecture.

2008     Gal Ostfeld (M.Sc.). Resource allocation in storage systems.