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Gad Bahir

office: Solid State building, 3rd floor, room no. 218
phone: 972-4-8293598



Professor Gad Bahir Israeli-born, earned his degrees in physics and mathematics at Hebrew University and Technion.

He has been a Visiting Scientist at the University of Aahrus in Denmark and at Stanford University and the University of California Santa Barbara in the United States. Dr. Bahir is a recipient of the Israel Ministry of Defence Award for Scientific Innovation (92) and The University of Beer-Sheva Award for Applied Microelectronics (96).

Present research interest include optical and transport properties of compound semiconductor heterostructures. Research focuses on advanced quantum dots and quantum wells based infrared photodetectors and emitters. Other areas of interest include GaN based high-power high-speed heterostructure field effect transistor and unipolar photonic based devices.   

Areas of research interest

Selected Publications (last 15 years)