Iberoamerican Mathematical Olympiads

The first competition was held in 1985. It was not held in 1986. There are six problems a year, giving 108 problems to date.

Solutions are missing for 91/A2, 91/A3, 92 (except A1,A3), 94/B3, 95/A3, 95/B2, 01/A3, 01/B2, 01/B3. A better solution to 00/B3 would also be welcome.

Many thanks to Pablo César Torres who first suggested putting up these problems and gave me much help in doing so. Thank you also to those who supplied corrections to the questions.



1st Ibero 1985
2nd Ibero 1987
3rd Ibero 1988
4th Ibero 1989
5th Ibero 1990
6th Ibero 1991
7th Ibero 1992
8th Ibero 1993
9th Ibero 1994
10th Ibero 1995
11th Ibero 1996
12th Ibero 1997
13th Ibero 1998
14th Ibero 1999
15th Ibero 2000
16th Ibero 2001
17th Ibero 2002
18th Ibero 2003
John Scholes
11 July 2002
Last corrected/updated 4 Feb 2004