Graduate Students
Post Docs
Lior Weizman   
"Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)"
Kumar Vijay Mishra   
"MIMO, Cognitive and Automotive Radars"
Ayelet Heimowitz   
"Signal Processing on Graphs"
Satish Mulleti  
"Sub-Nyquist Sampling Theory"
Tanya Chernyakova  
"Sub-Nyquist Ultrasound"
Deborah Cohen  
"Cyclostationary Feature Detection from Compressed Samples"
Oren Solomon  
"Super Resolution Microscopy"
Shahar Tsiper  
"Medical Computed Tomography"
Kfir Aberman   
"Sub-Nyquist SAR"
David Cohen  
"Sub Nyquist MIMO Radar"
Gal Mazor  
"Medical Imaging, MRI and ECG"
Regev Cohen  
"Sub-Nyquist Blood Doppler Ultrasound"
Shahar Stein-Ioushua  
"Compressed Sensing Applications for Massive MIMO Wireless Systems"
Former Post Docs
Former Research Affiliates
  • Adi Pinchasi   
  • Ayelet Pnueli   
  • Former Students
    • Amir Kiperwas (M.Sc 2016)   
      "K-Space Irregular Sampling"
    • Omer Bar-Ilan (M.Sc 2014)   
      "Sub Nyquist Radar"

      Currently Algorithm Engineer, Check-Cap Ltd.

    • Yoav Shechtman (Ph.D 2013)   
      "Sparsity-Based Reconstruction of Subwavelength Images"

      Currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion.

    • Noam Wagner (M.Sc 2012)    (co-supervisor: Prof. Arie Feuer)
      "Application of Xampling in Ultrasound Imaging"

      Currently Research and Algorithm Engineer, Pearls of Wisdom Advanced Technologies Ltd.

    • Tomer Michaeli (Ph.D 2012)   
      "A General Framework for Constrained Bayesian Estimation"

      Currently Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Technion

    • Orr Srour (M.Sc 2012)   
      "Metabolic Flux Analysis"

      Currently Real Time and Embedded System Engineer

    • Tomer Peleg (Faktor) (M.Sc 2012)    (co-supervisor: Prof. Michael Elad)
      "Exploiting Statistical Dependencies in Sparse Representations"

      Currently Algorithm Engineer, Samsung Semiconductor Israel R&D Center

    • Ronen Tur (M.Sc 2011)   
      "Innovation Rate Sampling of Pulse Streams with Applications in Ultrasound Imaging"

      Currently System Architect, Vayyar Ltd.

    • Kfir Gedalyahu (M.Sc 2011)   
      "Sampling Signals from a Parameterized Union of Subspaces"

      Currently Algorithms Team Leader, Xsight Systems

    • Yaara David (M.Sc 2011)  
      "Analysis of DNA Time of Replication - A Signal Processing Approach"

      Currently Algorithms Engineer, Brightway Vision Ltd

    • Moshe Mishali (Ph.D 2011)  
      "Sampling and Processing of Structured Signals at Sub-Nyquist Rates"

      Currently System Architect, EZChip

    • Zvika Ben-Haim (Ph.D 2011)  
      "Bias-indifferent lower bounds on estimation error"

      Currently Software Engineer, Google.

    • Gideon Nave (M.Sc. 2010)  
      "Real Time Change Detection of Steady-state Evoked Potentials"

      Currently PhD student, Colin Camerer's lab, California Institute of Technology

    • Sivan Harary (M.Sc. 2010)  
      "Blind Compressed Sensing"

      Currently Image Processing Researcher, IBM

    • Raja Giryes (Ph.D. 2014)  
      "Automatic Parameter Tuning for Inverse Problems"

      Currently Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University.

    • Jacob (Slava) Chernoi (M.Sc. 2009)
      "The Chebyshev Center and Iterative MMSE: Dominating Least-Squares Estimation"
    • Erez Ben-Yaacov (M.Sc. 2008)  
      "Analysis of microarray data"

      Currently Algorithm Lead, Coralogix

    • Omer Bobrowski (M.Sc. 2008)
      (co-supervisor: Prof. Ron Meir)
      "Real Time Spike Train Decoding by Neural Networks"

      Currently Assistant Professor at the Technion

    • Tsvi Dvorkind (Ph.D. 2007)  
      "Generalized Sampling in the Presence of Nonlinearities: Theory and Methods"

      Currently Signal Processing Specialist, IDF

    • Ami Wiesel (Ph.D. 2007)  
      "Convex Optimization Methods in MIMO Communication Systems"

      Currently Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Hebrew University

    • Liron Grossman ,(M.D. 2015)
      "An L1-Framework for the Design of Linear-Phase FIR Digital Filters"

      Currently PGY1-Pediatric at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, USA.

    • Noam Elron (M.Sc. 2006)
      "Robust Quantum Detection for Uncertain Quantum Systems"

      Currently Senior DSP Engineer, Intel, PhD student, The Hebrew University and Freelance Composer/Arranger and Bass Player

    • Zvika Ben-Haim (M.Sc. 2006)  
      "Blind Minimax and Maximum Set Estimators: Improving on Least-squares Estimation"

      Currently Software Engineer, Google.

    • Moshe Salhov (M.Sc. 2006)
      "Equalization and Multiuser Detection for Uncertain Channels"

      Currently Chief Scientist, Go-Net Systems Ltd.

    • Nagesh Koundinya (M.Sc. 2005)     (co-supervisor: Prof. Yehoshua Zeevi)
      "Efficient Gabor Representations in Combined Time-frequency Spaces"
    • Evgeny Margolis (M.Sc. 2004)
      "Reconstruction of Periodic Bandlimited Signals from Nonuniform Samples"

      Currently Embedded Security & Cryptography Engineer, Nest Labs

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