Direct track towards a Ph.D.
A.     This program applies to outstanding students who are studying towards an M.Sc. degree, and whose research may be extended to a Ph.D. The candidate must satisfy the following: (1) Demonstrated during his M.Sc. studies a research ability that clearly attests that he is suitable to enter a Ph.D. program. (2) Is now within the second semester of the M.Sc. program or later, his research topic was approved, and obtained top-level grades in M.Sc. courses (3) His research topic may be extended to a Ph.D., or become a major part of a Ph.D.
B.     Request to be transferred to a direct-Ph.D. track shall be initiated by the advisor, and submitted to the graduate studies committee of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, subject to article 24.07 (direct track towards a Ph.D.) of the regulations of the graduate school.
C.     The student will be examined by an ad-hoc committee which will be nominated by the graduate studies committee. The ad-hoc committee shall present its recommendations to the graduate studies committee.
D.     If accepted to the direct-track program the student’s candidacy examination shall take place within six months of his being notified of acceptance to the track. Upon completing the exam successfully his position shall be changed to a Ph.D. student.
E.     A candidate who failed the candidacy examination, or failed to perform the exam within the allocated time, shall continue his studies towards the M.Sc. degree.