Ph.D. Program
Admission to the Ph.D. program:
The candidate is required to find a faculty member of E.E. who is willing to supervise his Ph.D. research.
The decision concerning acceptance is made by the Graduate Studies Committee of the department (GSC). Following a recommendation by the proposed supervisor, the GSC shall consider the abilities of the candidate in relation to the Ph.D. program. The committee shall convene several times each year.
The committee considers the potential and the achievements of the candidate, and evaluates his/her chances to successfully complete the program. This is based on achievements in research and in studies, which are evaluated based on publications, recommendations, evaluations of the M.Sc. thesis (if completed(, other written material, discussion or oral examination as necessary, and grades throughout the academic career. The GPA is only a preliminary measure. For example, the committee gives much weight to superior grades in advanced, challenging courses.
Ph.D. Program:
A candidate who qualifies with the official requirements of the Graduate School, or who is about to complete his M.Sc. can apply to the GSC stating field of interest. Candidates must find an advisor who is a full-time faculty member. Advisors from other departments will be approved only in exceptional cases.
The candidate will appear before the Admission Committee, after approval of a tentative advisor, whose recommendation will be submitted to the GSC. The Committee will consider the candidate's achievements and evaluate his ability orally, or by a written examination. The Admission Committee shall convene several times each year.
A master’s student who has not yet handed his thesis to the graduate school, can apply to the Ph.D. program for the following semester, however, acceptance to the program will be conditional on submission of the thesis to the graduate school by the end of the semester in which the application was submitted. A student who satisfies this condition will be admitted as a qualified student for one semester and will have to comply with the additional duties required from a student with this status. The committee emphasizes that while the student has this status, he is supposed to formulate research directions for his Ph.D. and not be occupied with completion of his master’s degree.
A M.Sc. student whose admission to a Ph.D. (not direct track) has been conditionally approved prior to completion of his M.Sc. studies, must complete his M.Sc. studies. Final admission is subject to approval of the GSC.
An advisor who is an adjunct faculty member will not be approved unless the GSC has so decided and appointment has been approved by the Departmental Board.
Candidacy Examination
The student should submit a one page abstract to the advisor and to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Secretary one month before the submission of the short description for the candidacy examination, and no later than the beginning of June. This submission initiates the procedure of appointing an examining committee for the candidacy examination.