How to register for Ph.D?


You can find application forms and explanation about the registration process in the school website for graduate studies. Or, purchase a registration kit in "Michlol" store (at the Technion campus).

In order to register for Ph.D, one must find an Advisor from the Electrical-Engineering faculty in advance .


After registration you must contact the faculty graduate secretariat and hand in the following forms:

1.  PhD Candidacy form.

2. C.V. (including list of publications).

3. Recommendation form and recommendation letter from the intended advisor.  

4. Recommendation form and recommendation letter from MSc advisor. (only if he's not the intended advisor).

5. Grades printouts of both first degree and MSc.

6. Abstract of research proposal, if exist.

7. Candidates with MSc not from the Thechnion or if more than three years passed since you finished your studies in Technion- must submit three evaluations of their suitability (compatibility) for Ph.D studies. It is recommended that the evaluations will be filled by the MSc. Advisor and the examiners who participated in the final exam. You can use Technion recommendation forms- the forms will be sent directly to the faculty graduate secretariat.