Local Arrangements


Contact Keren at kerensg@ee.technion.ac.il with requested check in / checkout dates and your preferences.

On campus

A limited number of units are available on campus in a guest house (first come first serve). Units consist of a room with 2 beds, kitchenette and a bathroom. Breakfast is not included. You can stay for the entire week.

  • Regular room: $40 - single , $50 - double.
  • Large room: $50 - single , $60 - double.


All the prices below include breakfast.

  • Dan Panorama - $125 - single, $160 - double.
  • Dan Gardens - $80 - single , $95 - double.
  • Nof Hotel - $76 - single (regular), $90 - double (regular); $99 - single (superior), $117 - double (superior).

Rooms with 3 beds are also available.
There will be transportation between the hotels and the campus.

Arriving in Haifa

Best way to reach Haifa from the airport is by train http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/HomePage.aspx
Go to first station in Haifa - Hof Hacarmel and take taxi to hotel/Technion campus or bus to Central Carmel/Technion campus.

Visa information

Citizens of many countries are exempt from a visa requirement (will be issued a tourist visa at the airport free of charge). In order to find out if you need one, please follow this link.

In case you need a letter for obtaining a visa in an Israeli embassy, please contact Adrian (segall@ee.technion.ac.il) and Keren (kerensg@ee.technion.ac.il).

Local tour

There will be two tours during the workshop. See the local tour page for further info.

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