Faculty Recruitment with the generous help of the Viterbi Family

The Department of Electrical Engineering at the Technion with the generous donation of the Viterbi Family Fund has announced a new program that will help to cultivate and recruit world-class leading researchers in emerging fields of high technology research.

For many decades, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been Israel’s major source of high-tech R&D leaders. Our graduates have spearheaded the development of Israel’s high-tech industries in general, and the fields of communication, electronics, and computer engineering in particular. A large percentage of the CEOs, technology VPs and technical founders of the high-tech industries in Israel are graduates of our department.
The Technion’s Department of Electrical Engineering is internationally acclaimed. An international review committee has ranked the faculty among the top ten EE departments in the world. The committee has described the faculty’s research activities in information theory, computer networks, and stochastic processes as well as its undergraduate laboratories, projects, and student quality as “second to none”.
The faculty conducts research in advanced high-tech related areas such as computer engineering, communication and antennas, computer networks, signal processing and imaging, VLSI, microelectronics, nano-electronics, and electro-optics, as well as in the theoretical foundations of such systems, for example, Information Theory, stochastic processes, machine learning, electromagnetism, and algorithms. The research is conducted by EE faculty and around 200 research graduate students.
In order to preserve our leadership, it is essential for the department to continue to recruit world-class researchers in emerging research areas. To this end, the Electrical Engineering department has recently launched a first of its kind program to recruit and cultivate new faculty in emerging areas of high-tech technologies. The program will support excellent academic candidates at all stages, ranging from excellent PhD students who are likely to become future candidates for a research career in Israel, through graduating PhDs who pursue postdoctoral fellowships in leading research centers in these areas, to young faculty recruits who needs assistance in relocation, equipment, and research students support.
This program is enabled and largely supported by two new generous fellowship programs—the  Viterbi Family Foundation Faculty Recruitment Program and the Viterbi Family Foundation Fellowship Program— with an overall donation of $5M for a period of 5 years.
Ms. Erna Finci Viterbi and Distinguished Professor Andrew Viterbi have been true and loyal friends and benefactors of our Department, of the Technion, and of the State of Israel, for a long time. Their previous contributions to our department include the Computech Center, an Electrical Engineering - Computer Engineering facility that includes offices, research and education labs, multi-media facilities, an auditorium, and the Viterbi Fellowship Program for post-doctorates and PhD students.