Yoav Y. Schechner: Research


3D Radiative Transfer Tomography

We seek to sense the three dimensional (3D) volumetric distribution of scatterers in a heterogenous medium. An important case study for such a medium is the atmosphere. Atmospheric contents and their role in Earth’s radiation balance have significant uncertainties with regards to scattering components: aerosols and clouds. Clouds, made of water droplets, also lead to local effects as precipitation and shadows. Our sensing approach is computational tomography using passive multi-angular imagery. For light-matter interaction that accounts for multiple-scattering, we use the 3D radiative transfer equation as a forward model. Volumetric recovery by inverting this model suffers from a computational bottleneck on large scales, which include many unknowns. Steps taken make this tomography tractable, without approximating the scattering order or angle range.


  1. Aviad Levis, Yoav Y. Schechner, Amit Aides, Anthony B. Davis, “Airborne three-dimensional cloud tomography,” Proc. IEEE ICCV (2015).


  1. AirMSPI data, from NASA.

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Brief video about the work.


Images of the AirMSPI data.