Industrial Relations

Collaboration with industry is multifaceted, and is operated below  under the umbrella of the CCIT - Center of Communication and Information Technologies


 Student Projects are a major educational tool in the Electrical Engineering faculty.

About 400 projects/year are conducted in the department laboratories, and about 20% are performed in collaboration with industrial companies which defines the topics and supply the data and necessary components. The students' projects have won many national and international awards.

Large companies such as Intel, KLA, Cisco, Tower Semiconductors, Elbit, Mellanox and Altera are donating directly to support the infrastructure of the laboratories.

The faculty of the Electrical engineering department is involved in many industrial research programs. The programs are supported by multinational corporations, such as Intel and Freescale, by European programs and by the Israeli government in the framework of Magnet and Magneton.

A major vehicle to promote cooperation and information flow between the academic research staff and the high-tech industry is the members' club: the Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), which was established by the CCIT – Center for Communication and Information Technologies. About 20 national and international companies have joined the ILP to date. Members of the ILP are entitled to many privileges, including fast access to the full research papers, (Full access – members only) support in identification of research partners, recruitment of students and PR services.


Industrial Partners