CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
703 Data Association in Multi Target Tracking Using Cross Entropy Based Algorithms Daniel Sigalov and Nahum Shimkin 2008-09-25 abstract full article
702 Uncertainty Relations for Analog Signals Yonina C. Eldar 2008-09-21 abstract full article
701 Multiple Multithread Applications on Asymmetric and Symmetric Chip MultiProcessors Tomer Y. Morad, Avinoam Kolodny, Uri C. Weiser 2008-08-21 abstract full article
700 Assertion Based Verification of Multiple-Clock GALS Systems Reuven Dobkin, Tsachy Kapshitz, Shaked Flur and Ran Ginosar 2008-06-19 abstract full article
699 A General Framework for Approximate Nearest Subspace Search Ronen Basri, Tal Hassner and Lihi Zelnik-Manor 2008-06-10 abstract full article
698 Beyond Bandlimited Sampling: Nonlinearities, Smoothness and Sparsity Y. C. Eldar and T. Michaeli 2008-06-11 abstract full article
697 Fork Sequential Consistency is Blocking Christian Cachin, Idit Keidar, Alexander Shraer 2008-04-08 abstract full article
696 Gallager-Type Bounds for Non-Binary Linear Block Codes over Memoryless Symmetric Channels Eran Hof, Igal Sason, Shlomo Shamai 2008-04-08 abstract full article
695 Wire Spacing, Planar Graphs and the Minimization of Dynamic Power in VLSI Microprocessors Konstantin Moiseev, Shmuel Wimer and Avinoam Kolodny 2008-04-08 abstract full article
694 Symmetric Hill Order – an Optimal Solution of a Linear Ordering Adjacency Problem Shmuel Wimer, Konstantin Moiseev and Avinoam Kolodny 2008-04-09 abstract full article
693 The Space Complexity of Processing XML Twig Queries Over Indexed Documents Mirit Shalem and Ziv Bar-Yossef 2008-03-27 abstract full article
692 Eliminating artifacts when inverting visual reverebrations Yaron Diamant and Yoav Y. Schechner 2008-03-24 abstract full article
691 The Random Energy Model in a Magnetic Field and Joint Source-Channel Coding Neri Merhav 2008-03-19 abstract full article
690 Local Approximation of PageRank and Reverse PageRank Ziv Bar-Yossef and Li-Tal Mashiach 2008-03-03 abstract full article
689 Color Image Coding using Optimal Color Components Transforms at Subband Level Evgeny Gershikov and Moshe Porat 2008-02-21 abstract full article
688 Brahms: Byzantine Resilient Random Membership Sampling Edward Bortnikov, Maxim Gurevich, Idit Keidar, Gabriel Kliot and Alexander Shraer 2008-02-20 abstract full article
687 A Fast and Flexible Method for the Segmentation of aCGH Data Erez Ben-Yaacov and Yonina Eldar 2008-02-12 abstract full article
686 Reduce and Boost: Recovering Arbitrary Sets of Jointly Sparse Vectors Moshe Mishali and Yonina C. Eldar 2008-02-10 abstract full article
684 Global Unsupervised Anomaly Extraction and Discrimination in Hyperspectral Images via Maximum Orthogonal-Complements Analysis Oleg Kuybeda, David Malah, and Meir Barzohar 2008-02-04 abstract full article
683 On the Role of Exponential Functions in Image Interpolation Hagai Kirshner and Moshe Porat 2008-01-31 abstract full article
682 On the Statistics of Wide-Sense Markov Random Fields and its Application to Texture Interpolation Shira Nemirovsky and Moshe Porat 2008-01-31 abstract full article
681 Tight Focusing of Wavefronts with Piecewise Constant Phase Alexander Normatov, Boris Spektor and Joseph Shamir 2008-01-07 abstract full article
680 ON THE CLASSICAL - AND NOT SO CLASSICAL - SHANNON SAMPLING THEOREM Emil Saucan, Eli Appleboim, Dirk A. Lorenz and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2008-01-03 abstract full article
679 Discrete-Input Two-Dimensional Gaussian Channels with Memory: Estimation and Information Rates via Graphical Models and Statistical Mechanics Ori Shental, Noam Shental, Shlomo Shamai (Shitz), Ido Kanter, Anthony J. Weiss and Yair Weiss 2007-12-27 abstract full article
677 BENoC: A Bus-Enhanced Network on-Chip Isask'har Walter, Israel Cidon and Avinoam Kolodny 2007-12-26 abstract full article
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