CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
727 High Numerical Aperture Singular Beam Scanning Microscopy: Preliminary Experimental Results Boris Spektor, Alexander Normatov and Joseph Shamir 2009-05-04 abstract full article
726 Onsets Coincidence for Cross-Modal Analysis Zohar Barzelay and Yoav Y. Schechner 2009-04-26 abstract full article
725 Physics of the Shannon Limits Neri Merhav 2009-03-29 abstract full article
724 The Design of a Latency Constrained, Power Optimized NoC for a 4G SoC Isaskhar Walter, Israel Cidon, Avinoam Kolodny, Rudy Beraha 2009-03-26 abstract full article
723 Mitigating Congestion in High-Speed Interconnects for Computer Clusters Vladimir Zdornov and Yitzhak Birk 2009-03-16 abstract full article
722 Combinatorial Ricci Curvature and Laplacians for Image Processing Emil Saucan, Eli Appleboim, Gershon Wolansky and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2009-03-15 abstract full article
721 Achievable Error Exponents for Channel with Side Information - Erasure and List Decoding Erez Sabbag and Neri Merhav 2009-03-15 abstract full article
720 A blind policy for equalizing cumulative idleness Rami Atar, Yair Y. Shaki, Adam Shwartz 2009-02-11 abstract full article
719 Many-Core vs. Many-Thread Machines: Stay Away From the Valley Zvika Guz, Evgeny Bolotin, Idit Keidar, Avinoam Kolodny, Avi Mendelson and Uri C. Weiser 2009-02-11 abstract full article
718 Transactifying Apache Haggai Eran, Ohad Lutzky, Zvika Guz and Idit Keidar 2009-02-02 abstract full article
717 ON TRANS-CODING OPTIMIZATION USING RE - QUANTIZATION O. Gendler and M. Porat 2009-01-30 abstract full article
716 Quadratic phase of tightly focused wavefronts Alexander Normatov, Boris Spektor and Joseph Shamir 2009-01-27 abstract full article
715 Discouraging Selfishness in Lossy Peer-to-Peer Networks Alex Friedman and Idit Keidar 2009-01-08 abstract full article
714 Statistical Physics of Signal Estimation in Gaussian Noise: Theory and Examples of Phase Transitions Neri Merhav, Dongning Guo and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz) 2008-12-30 abstract full article
713 Model-based Transrating of H.264 Coded Video Naama Hait and David Malah 2008-12-28 abstract full article
712 Fail-Aware Untrusted Storage Christian Cachin, Idit Keidar and Alexander Shraer 2008-12-09 abstract full article
711 On Successive Refinement for the Kaspi/Heegard-Berger Problem Alina Maor and Neri Merhav 2008-12-15 abstract full article
710 On the Statistical Physics of Directed Polymers in a Random Medium and Their Relation to Tree-Structured Lossy Compression Neri Merhav 2008-12-15 abstract full article
709 Joint Source Channel Coding for Fading Channel: The Broadcast Approach-Expected Distortion, Gaussian Source and Channel C. Tian, A. Steiner, S. Shamai (Shitz) and S. Diggavi 2008-11-13 abstract full article
708 Usage of Trace Cache for Predicting Power Saving Opportunities I. Sorani, A. Kolodny and A. Mendelson 2008-11-04 abstract full article
707 Geometric Approach to Sampling and Communication Emil Saucan, Eli Appleboim and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2008-11-03 abstract full article
706 Joint Source-Channel Coding via Statistical Mechanics: Thermal Equilibrium Between the Source and the Channel Neri Merhav 2008-10-13 abstract full article
705 Efficient Sampling of Sparse Wideband Analog Signals Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar and Joel A. Tropp 2008-10-23 abstract full article
704 Sparse Source Separation from Orthogonal Mixtures Moshe Mishali and Yonina C. Eldar 2008-09-18 abstract full article
703 Data Association in Multi Target Tracking Using Cross Entropy Based Algorithms Daniel Sigalov and Nahum Shimkin 2008-09-25 abstract full article
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