CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
753 Gaussian beams scattered from different materials Evyatar Hemo, Boris Spektor and Joseph Shamir 2009-12-27 abstract full article
752 Bose-Einstein Condensation in the Large Deviations Regime with Applications to Information System Models Neri Merhav and Yariv Kafri 2009-12-16 abstract full article
751 Xampling: Analog to Digital at Sub-Nyquist Barrier Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar, Oleg Dounaevsky and Eli Shoshan 2009-12-13 abstract full article
750 Optimum Estimation via Gradients of Partition Functions and Information Measures: A Statistical-Mechanical Perspective Neri Merhav 2009-11-17 abstract full article
749 3D Euler Spirals for 3D Curve Completion Gur Harary and Ayellet Tal 2009-10-22 abstract full article
748 Anomaly Preserving $\ell_2,\infty$Optimal Dimensionality Reduction over a Grassmann Manifold Oleg Kuybeda, David Malah, and Meir Barzohar 2009-10-20 abstract full article
747 Xampling―Part I: Practice Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar and Asaf Elron 2009-10-20 abstract full article
746 Twice-Universal Simulation of Markov Sources and Individual Sequences Álvaro Martín, Neri Merhav, Gadiel Seroussi and Marcelo J. Weinberger 2009-09-06 abstract full article
745 An Integer Linear Programming Approach for the Analysis of DTM Strategies Tomer M. London, Uri C. Weiser, Aviad Cohen 2009-09-03 abstract full article
744 Robust Transmission and Interference Management for Femtocells with Unreliable Network Access O. Simeone, E. Erkip and S. Shamai (Shitz) 2009-08-31 abstract full article
743 Efficient Search Engine Measurements Ziv Bar-Yossef, Maxim Gurevich 2009-08-30 abstract full article
742 Another Look at the Physics of Large Deviations With Application to Rate-Distortion Theory Neri Merhav 2009-08-30 abstract full article
741 Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks Alex Aronski and Adrian Segall 2009-08-30 abstract full article
740 Recognition of 3D Objects Based on Implicit Polynomials Hilla Ben-Yaacov, David Malah, and Meir Barzohar 2009-08-18 abstract full article
739 Normal Approximations of Geodesics on Smooth Triangulated Surfaces Eli Appleboim, Emil Saucan and Jonathan Stern 2009-08-12 abstract full article
738 Efficient On-line Schemes for Encoding Individual Sequences with Side Information at the Decoder Avraham Reani and Neri Merhav 2009-08-06 abstract full article
737 Packet-Level Static Timing Analysis for NoCs Evgeni Krimer, Isaac Keslassy, Avinoam Kolodny, Isask'har Walter, Mattan Erez 2009-07-27 abstract full article
736 Expected RIP: Conditioning of The Modulated Wideband Converter Moshe Mishali and Yonina C. Eldar 2009-07-26 abstract full article
735 Performance and Power Aware CMP Thread Allocation Modeling Yaniv Ben-Itzhak, Israel Cidon and Avinoam Kolodny 2009-07-13 abstract full article
734 Error Exponents for Broadcast Channels with Degraded Message Sets Yonatan Kaspi and Neri Merhav 2009-05-31 abstract full article
733 On Avoiding Spare Aborts in Transactional Memory Idit Keidar and Dmitri Perelman 2009-05-31 abstract full article
732 Correctness of Gossip-Based Membership under Message Loss Maxim Gurevich and Idit Keidar 2009-05-12 abstract full article
731 Dynamic Atomic Storage Without Consensus Marcos K. Aguilera, Idit Keidar, Dahlia Malkhi, Alexander Shraer 2009-05-26 abstract full article
730 Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Interconnect Channel Sizing in Discrete Design Rules Konstantin Moiseev, Avinoam Kolodny and Shmuel Wimer 2009-05-24 abstract full article
729 Theory of Multiplexing in Fluorescence Microscopy Marina Alterman, Yoav Y. Schechner and Aryeh Weiss 2009-05-05 abstract full article
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