CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
779 Context-Sensitive Query Auto-Completion Naama Kraus and Ziv Bar-Yossef 2010-11-24 abstract full article
778 A statisticalľmechanical view on source coding: physical compression and data compression Neri Merhav 2010-11-16 abstract full article
777 A Hybrid Text-to-Speech System that Combines Concatenative and Statistical Synthesis Units Stas Tiomkin, David Malah, Slava Shechtman, and Zvi Kons 2010-11-03 abstract full article
776 D-Mod-K Routing Providing Non-Blocking Traffic for Shift Permutations on Real Life Fat Trees Eitan Zahavi 2010-09-28 abstract full article
775 Timing aware power minimization in VLSI circuits by simultaneous multilayer wire spacing K. Moiseev, A. Kolodny and S. Wimer 2010-09-27 abstract full article
774 Generalized Laplacians and Curvatures for Image Analysis and Processing Eli Appleboim, Emil Saucan, Gershon Wolansky and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2011-04-06 abstract full article
773 The Importance of Phase in Image Processing Nikolay Skarbnik, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi, Chen Sagiv 2010-08-18 abstract full article
772 Improving Stereo Correspondence in Scattering Media by Incorporating Backscatter Cue Amin Sarafraz, Shahriar Negahdaripour and Yoav Schechner 2010-08-02 abstract full article
771 Exact Random Coding Exponents for Erasure Decoding Anelia Somekh-Baruch and Neri Merhav 2010-08-02 abstract full article
770 PACK: Speculative TCP Traffic Redundancy Elimination Eyal Zohar, Osnat (Ossi) Mokryn and Israel Cidon 2010-07-22 abstract full article
769 Data Processing Theorems and the Second Law of Thermodynamics Neri Merhav 2010-07-12 abstract full article
767 Plasmonic resonance scattering from a silver nanowire illuminated by a tightly focused singular beam Alexander Normatov, Boris Spektor, Yehuda Leviatan and Joseph Shamir 2010-05-27 abstract full article
766 Threshold Effects in Parameter Estimation as Phase Transitions in Statistical Mechanics Neri Merhav 2010-05-23 abstract full article
765 On Maintaining Multiple Versions in STM Dmitri Perelman, Rui Fan and Idit Keidar 2010-05-17 abstract full article
764 Rate-Distortion Function via Minimum Mean Square Error Estimation Neri Merhav 2010-04-29 abstract full article
763 Hand Gesture Recognition in Images and Video Ilan Steinberg, Tomer M. London, Dotan Di Castro 2010-03-10 abstract full article
762 Distributed Data Classification in Sensor Networks Ittay Eyal, Idit Keidar and Raphael Rom 2010-02-27 abstract full article
761 Animation of Flocks Flying in Line Formations Marina Klotsman & Ayellet Tal 2010-02-26 abstract full article
760 Minimization of multiplexed unmixing error using gradient descent Marina Alterman and Yoav Y. Schechner 2010-02-17 abstract full article
759 Blind Compressed Sensing Sivan Gleichman and Yonina C. Eldar 2010-02-17 abstract full article
758 Blind Separation of Time/Position Varying Mixtures Ran Kaftory and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2010-02-16 abstract full article
757 The Cramér-Rao Bound for Sparse Estimation Zvika Ben-Haim and Yonina C. Eldar 2010-02-15 abstract full article
756 A Hybrid Vector Wiener Filter Approach to Translational Super-Resolution Tomer Michaeli and Yonina C. Eldar 2010-02-09 abstract full article
755 2D Object Description and Recognition Based on Contour Matching by Implicit Polynomials Zoya Landa, David Malah and Meir Barzohar 2010-02-04 abstract full article
754 Statistical Text-To-Speech Synthesis based on Segment-wise Representation with a Norm Constraint Stas Tiomkin, David Malah and Slava Shechtman 2010-01-03 abstract full article
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