CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
805 Independent Components in Dynamic Refraction Marina Alterman, Yoav Schechner, Pietro Perona and Joseph Shamir 2012-03-11 abstract full article
804 TEAM: ThrEshold Adaptive Memristor Model Shahar Kvatinsky, Eby G. Friedman, Avinoam Kolodny and Uri C. Weiser 2012-01-22 abstract full article
803 Scheduling Directives for Shared-Memory Many-Core Processor Systems Oded Green, Yitzhak Birk 2012-01-16 abstract full article
802 Merge Path – Cache-Efficient Parallel Merge and Sort Saher Odeh, Oded Green, Zahi Mwassi, Oz Shmueli, Yitzhak Birk 2012-01-11 abstract full article
801 Verilog-A for Memristors Models S. Kvatinsky, K. Talisveyberg, D. Fliter, E. G. Friedman, A. Kolodny, and U. C. Weiser 2011-12-13 abstract full article
800 Perfectly Secure Encryption of Individual Sequences Neri Merhav 2011-12-18 abstract full article
799 Quality Preserving Compression of a Concatenative Text-To-Speech Acoustic Database Tamar Shoham, David Malah, and Slava Shechtman 2011-12-04 abstract full article
798 Confidence Estimation in Structured Prediction Avihai Mejer and Koby Crammer 2011-11-03 abstract full article
797 To Cloud or not to Cloud: Optimizing Cloudbursting Costs Mark Shifrin, Rami Atar, Israel Cidon 2011-11-15 abstract full article
796 Data Processing Inequalities Based on a Certain Structured Class of Information Measures with Application to Estimation Theory Neri Merhav 2011-09-28 abstract full article
795 Memristor-based IMPLY Logic Design Procedure Shahar Kvatinsky, Avinoam Kolodny, Uri C. Weiser and Eby G. Friedman 2011-08-28 abstract full article
794 Structure Theorems for Real-Time Variable Rate Coding With and Without Side Information Yonatan Kaspi and Neri Merhav 2011-08-16 abstract full article
793 Automatic Gain Control of Images Motivated by Human Vision S. Furman and Y.Y. Zeevi 2011-08-14 abstract full article
792 Subset-sum phase transitions and data compression Neri Merhav 2011-07-14 abstract full article
791 Multi-Amdahl: Optimal Resource Sharing with Multiple Program Execution Segments Tsahee Zidenberg, Isaac Keslassy, and Uri Weiser 2011-06-23 abstract full article
790 CAFÉ: Scalable Task Pools with Adjustable Fairness and Contention Dmitry Basin, Rui Fan, Idit Keidar, Ofer Kiselov, Dmitri Perelman 2011-05-17 abstract full article
788 Relations Between Redundancy Patterns of the Shannon Code and Wave Diffraction Patterns of Partially Disordered Media Neri Merhav 2011-04-03 abstract full article
787 Blind Source Separation of Instantaneous Mixtures Michael Shamis and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2011-03-29 abstract full article
786 LiMoSense - Live Monitoring in Dynamic Sensor Networks Ittay Eyal, Idit Keidar, Raphael Rom 2011-03-22 abstract full article
785 On Optimum Strategies for Minimizing the Exponential Moments of a Given Cost Function Neri Merhav 2011-03-15 abstract full article
784 Absorption enhancement by matching the cross-section of plasmonic nanowires to the field structure of tightly focused beams Alexander Normatov, Boris Spektor, Yehuda Leviatan, and Joseph Shamir 2011-02-14 abstract full article
783 An exact algorithm for energy efficient acceleration of task trees on CPU/GPU architectures Mark Silberstein 2011-01-24 abstract full article
782 A shared file system abstraction for heterogeneous architectures Mark Silberstein and Idit Keidar 2011-01-24 abstract full article
781 SMV: Selective Multi-Versioning STM Dmitri Perelman, Anton Byshevsky, Oleg Litmanovich, Idit Keidar 2011-01-10 abstract full article
780 Cross-Entropy Optimized Cognitive Radio Policies Boris Oklander and Moshe Sidi 2011-01-06 abstract full article
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