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832 On the Corner Points of the Capacity Region of a Two-User Gaussian Interference Channel Igal Sason 2013-06-25 abstract full article
831 Analysis of Mismatched Estimation Errors Using Gradients of Partition Functions Wasim Huleihel and Neri Merhav 2013-06-02 abstract full article
830 Erasure/List Exponents for Slepian-Wolf Decoding Neri Merhav 2013-05-26 abstract full article
829 Improved Lower Bounds on the Total Variation Distance for the Poisson Approximation Igal Sason 2013-04-29 abstract full article
828 On the Data Processing Theorem in the Semi-Deterministic Setting Neri Merhav 2013-03-31 abstract full article
827 ACID-RAIN: ACID Transactions in a Resilient Archive with Independent Nodes Ittay Eyal, Ken Birman, Idit Keidar and Robbert-van-Renesse 2013-03-20 abstract full article
826 Design Tradeoffs of Long Links in Hierarchical Tiled Networks-on-Chip Ran Manevich, Leon Polishuk, Israel Cidon, Avinoam Kolodny 2013-02-28 abstract full article
825 Another Look at Expurgated Bounds and Their Statistical Mechanical Interpretation Neri Merhav 2013-01-20 abstract full article
824 Zero-Delay and Causal Single-User and Multi-User Lossy Source Coding with Decoder Side Information Yonatan Kaspi and Neri Merhav 2012-12-31 abstract full article
823 Concentration of Measure Inequalities in Information Theory, Communications and Coding Maxim Raginsky and Igal Sason 2012-12-20 abstract full article
822 Exponential Error Bounds on Parameter Modulation-Estimation for Discrete Memoryless Channels Neri Merhav 2012-12-19 abstract full article
821 Distributed Sparse Signal Recovery For Sensor Networks Stacy Patterson, Yonina C. Eldar, and Idit Keidar 2012-11-29 abstract full article
820 Enhanced Emission of Thermal Radiation due to Geometric Effects Ariel Reiser and Levi Schächter 2012-11-19 abstract full article
819 Universal Decoding for Arbitrary Channels Relative to a Given Class of Decoding Metrics Neri Merhav 2012-10-28 abstract full article
818 Entropy Bounds for Discrete Random Varibles via Coupling Igal Sason 2012-10-15 abstract full article
817 An Information-Theoretic Perspective of the Poisson Approximation via the Chen-Stein Method Igal Sason 2012-10-15 abstract full article
816 Tightened Exponential Bounds for Discrete Time, Conditionally Symmetric Martingales with Bounded Jumps Igal Sason 2012-10-15 abstract full article
815 The Martingale Approach for Concentration and Applications in Information Theory, Communications and Coding Igal Sason 2012-10-15 abstract full article
814 The Effect of Communication and Synchronization on Amdahl's Law in Multicore Systems L. Yavits, A. Morad, R. Ginosar 2012-10-14 abstract full article
813 Data Processing Bounds for Scalar Lossy Source Codes with Side Information at the Decoder Avraham Reani and Neri Merhav 2012-09-11 abstract full article
812 Generalized MultiAmdahl: Optimization of Heterogeneous Multi-Accelerator SoC Amir Morad, Tomer Y. Morad, Leonid Yavits, Ran Ginosar and Uri Weiser 2012-09-03 abstract full article
811 Average Redundancy of the Shannon Code for Markov Sources Neri Merhav and Wojciech Szpankowski 2012-08-07 abstract full article
809 Global Estimation with Local Communication Ittay Eyal, Idit Keidar, Stacy Patterson, Raphi Rom 2012-05-11 abstract full article
807 SALSA: Scalable and Low Synchronization NUMA-aware Algorithm for Producer-Consumer Pools Elad Gidron, Idit Keidar, Dmitri Perelman, Yonathan Perez 2012-04-11 abstract full article
806 On Optimum Parameter ModulationľEstimation From a Large Deviations Perspective Neri Merhav 2012-03-21 abstract full article
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