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858 Exact Random Coding Error Exponents of Optimal Bin Index Decoding Neri Merhav 2014-04-30 abstract full article
857 Analogy Between Gambling and Measurements-Based Work Extraction Dror A. Vinkler, Haim H. Permuter and Neri Merhav 2014-04-28 abstract full article
856 VTEAM A General Model for Voltage Controlled Memristors Shahar Kvatinsky, Misbah Ramadan, Eby G. Friedman and Avinoam Kolodny 2014-04-15 abstract full article
855 On Improved Bounds for Probability Metrics and f-Divergences Igal Sason 2014-03-27 abstract full article
854 Exact Correct-Decoding Exponent of the Wiretap Channel Decoder Neri Merhav 2014-03-25 abstract full article
853 On Compressive Sensing in Coding Problems: A Rigorous Approach Wasim Huleihel, Neri Merhav and Shlomo Shamai (Shitz) 2014-03-20 abstract full article
852 Universal Decoding for Gaussian Intersymbol Interference Channels Wasim Huleihel and Neri Merhav 2014-03-17 abstract full article
851 Achieving Martons Region for Broadcast Channels Using Polar Codes Marco Mondelli, S. Hamed Hassani, Igal Sason, and Rüdiger Urbanke 2014-02-23 abstract full article
850 Large Deviations Analysis of Variable-Rate Slepian-Wolf Coding Nir Weinberger and Neri Merhav 2014-01-06 abstract full article
849 LDPC Codes for Two-Dimensional Arrays Yuval Cassuto and Amin Shokrollahi 2014-01-02 abstract full article
848 The neuronal response at extended timescales: long-term correlations without long-term memory Daniel Soudry and Ron Meir 2013-12-26 abstract full article
847 The neuronal response at extended timescales: a linearized spiking input-output relation Daniel Soudry and Ron Meir 2013-12-26 abstract full article
846 Asymptotic MMSE Analysis Under Sparse Representation Modeling Wasim Huleihel and Neri Merhav 2013-12-10 abstract full article
845 List Decoding - Random Coding Exponents and Expurgated Exponents Neri Merhav 2013-11-28 abstract full article
844 Zero-Delay and Causal Secure Source Coding Yonatan Kaspi and Neri Merhav 2013-11-19 abstract full article
843 Sequential Voice Conversion Using Grid-Based Approximation Hadas Benisty, David Malah, and Koby Crammer 2013-11-18 abstract full article
842 Stable Image Enhancement by Approximated Forward-and-Backward Wave Equation Vadim Ratner and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2013-10-20 abstract full article
841 Asymptotically Optimal Decision Rules for Joint Detection and Source Coding Neri Merhav 2013-10-20 abstract full article
839 Codeword or Noise? Exact Random Coding Exponents for Slotted Asynchronism Neri Merhav 2013-08-22 abstract full article
838 Superresolution of self-similar textures Ido Zachevsky and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2013-08-22 abstract full article
837 Expurgated Random-Coding Ensembles: Exponents, Refinements and Connections Jonathan Scarlett, Li Peng, Neri Merhav, Alfonso Martinez and Albert Guillén and Albert Guillén i Fàbregas 2013-07-25 abstract full article
836 Architecture and Design of an Associative Processor Chip for Image Processing and Computer Vision Leonid Yavits 2013-07-07 abstract full article
835 Time-based Updates in OpenFlow: A Proposed Extension to the OpenFlow Protocol Tal Mizrahi and Yoram Moses 2013-07-07 abstract full article
834 Wireless Sky-Camera Danny Weikherman and Yoav Y. Schechner 2013-07-03 abstract full article
833 A Total Variation Spectral Framework for Scale and Texture Analysis Guy Gilboa 2013-06-30 abstract full article
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