CCIT number Title Authors Date Link to abstract Link to full article
908 Latency Optimized Mapping of Logic Functions for Memristor Aided Logic (MAGIC) Rotem Ben Hur, Nimrod Wald, Nishil Talati, and Shahar Kvatinsky 2016-12-18 abstract full article
907 Dynamic Atomic Snapshots Alexander Spiegelman and Idit Keidar 2016-11-07 abstract full article
906 Relations Between Work and Entropy Production for General Information-Driven, Finite-State Engines Neri Merhav 2016-11-07 abstract full article
904 Reliability of Universal Decoding Based on Vector-Quantized Codewords Neri Merhav 2016-09-29 abstract full article
903 Converse Bounds on Modulation-Estimation Performance for the Gaussian Multiple-Access Channel Ayşe Ünsal, Rayomond Knopp and Neri Merhav 2016-09-28 abstract full article
902 Composing Ordered Sequential Consistency using Leading Updates Kfir Lev-Ari, Edward Bortnikov, Idit Keidar and Alexander Shraer 2016-09-14 abstract full article
901 Universal Decoding Using a Noisy Codebook Neri Merhav 2016-09-04 abstract full article
900 Lower Bounds on Parameter ModulationľEstimation Under Bandwidth Constraints Nir Weinberger and Neri Merhav 2016-06-22 abstract full article
899 Burst-Erasure Correcting Codes with Optimal Average Delay Nitzan Adler and Yuval Cassuto 2016-06-16 abstract full article
898 On the phase of natural stochastic structured textures and its application in deconvolution and image decomposition Ido Zachevsky and Yehoshua Y. Zeevi 2016-05-16 abstract full article
897 Exploiting the Scan Side Channel for Reverse Engineering of a VLSI Device Leonid Azriel, Ran Ginosar, and Avi Mendelson 2016-05-05 abstract full article
896 On Empirical Cumulant Generating Functions of Code Lengths for Individual Sequences Neri Merhav 2016-05-05 abstract full article
895 Modular Composition of Coordination Services Kfir Lev-Ari, Edward Bortnikov, Idit Keidar and Alexander Shraer 2016-01-15 abstract full article
894 Channels with Cooperation Links that May Be Absent Wasim Huleihel and Yossef Steinberg 2016-01-24 abstract full article
893 Switch Codes: Codes for Fully Parallel Reconstruction Zhiying Wang, Han Mao Kiah, Yuval Cassuto, and Jehoshua Bruck 2016-01-17 abstract full article
892 Exact Random Coding Secrecy Exponents for the Wiretap Channel Mani Bastani Parizi, Emre Telatar and Neri Merhav 2016-01-17 abstract full article
891 The Generalized Stochastic Likelihood Decoder: Random Coding and Expurgated Bounds Neri Merhav 2015-12-07 abstract full article
890 In-situ multi-scattering tomography Vadim Holodovsky, Yoav Y. Schechner, Anat Levin, Aviad Levis, Amit Aides 2015-12-03 abstract full article
889 Multi scatter, Multi view Monte Carlo radiative transfer Vadim Holodovsky, Yoav Y. Schechner, Anat Levin, Aviad Levis, Amit Aides 2015-11-18 abstract full article
888 Links as a Service (LaaS): Feeling Alone in the Shared Cloud Eitan Zahavi, Alex Shpiner, Ori Rottenstreich, Avinoam Kolodny and Isaac Keslassy 2015-09-17 abstract full article
887 Channel Detection in Coded Communication Nir Weinberger and Neri Merhav 2015-09-07 abstract full article
886 Codewords With Memory Improve Achievable Rate Regions of the Memoryless Gaussian Interference Channel Wasim Huleihel and Neri Merhav 2015-09-02 abstract full article
885 Universal Decoding for SourceľChannel Coding with Side Information Neri Merhav 2015-07-06 abstract full article
884 A Large Deviations Approach to Secure Lossy Compression Nir Weinberger and Neri Merhav 2015-04-26 abstract full article
883 Sequence Complexity and Work Extraction Neri Merhav 2015-03-26 abstract full article
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