13-07-2017 14:30  Communication and Information Theory

On Extensions of the I-MMSE Relationship

Unveiling a fundamental link between information theory and estimation theory, the I-MMSE relationship by Guo, Shamai and Verdu, together with its numerous extensions, has great theoretical significance and various practical applications. On the other hand, its influences to date have been restricted to channels without feedback or memory, due to the absence of its extensions to such channels. In this talk, we propose extensions of the I-MMSE relationship to discrete-time and continuous-time Gaussian channels with feedback and/or memory. Our approach is based on a very simple observation, which can be applied to other scenarios, such as a simple and direct proof of the classical de Bruijn?s identity. Some on-going work and possible future directions will be mentioned as well.

Location: 861
Speaker: Prof. Guangyue Han
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics The University of Hong Kong Back