26-06-2017 10:30  Guest Lecture

Challenges and opportunities in 3D nano electronics

3D electronic devices exploit electronic transport and electrostatics in three dimensions to obtain higher performance or additional functionality. Power devices such as IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) and superjunction are examples of such devices that exploit 3D effects to reduce the device power consumption. FinFETs and NanoWireFET are the building blocks of modern logic circuitry, and utilize three-dimensionality to suppress short channel effects at the nano-scale. The realization of such devices often requires 3D integration of various materials to obtain conducting, rectifying and isolating interfaces. Therefore, such devices are an excellent platform for the exploration and hybridization of new functional oxide, semiconductors and metals. In this talk I will describe different types of 3D devices developed in III-V material system for low power electronics using a top-down approach. Using this approach, devices with performance and scalability that match the state-of-art Si technology were obtained at reduced power supply voltage of 0.5V. Lastly, I will discuss the opportunities that emerge from utilizing these devices in applications other than logic to further enhance performance and functionality, and the possibility to transfer this technology to other material systems such as III-N, C.

Location: 1061
Speaker: Dr. Alon Vardy
Affiliation: MIT Back