06-04-2017 13:30  Graduate Seminar

DT-MRI Guided Focused Ultrasound

We present an analysis method to improve treatment procedures for a set of neurological pathologies, specifically essential tremor disorder. By combining anatomical and pathological knowledge with modern geometric analysis tools of MRI, an efficient focused ultrasound treatment procedure is introduced. As a first step, we apply statistical geometric tools for in-vivo analysis of the brain. The brain's connectivity structure is interpreted based on diffusion tensor-MRI. Next, mapping the brain structure onto a representative dictionary template allows us to locate regions of functional interest. Finally, applying efficient statistical geometric tools to the DT-MRI, the brain's connectivity structure can be estimated and used to pin-point the location to be treated with the focused ultrasound (FUS). The potential of personalized medical treatment is demonstrated by the suggested procedure which is validated on a set of successful FUS ablation operations.

Location: 201 - מדעי המחשב
Speaker: Hagai Tzafrir
Affiliation: Dept. of Electrical Engineering Technion Back