27-02-2017 14:30  Electro-optics and Microelectronics Seminar

Simulation of hybrid organic/inorganic solar cells

Hybrid solar cell structure, in which an organic layer is deposited on-top of inorganic material (such as ZnO or other oxides), is a promising configuration for efficient excitonic light harvesting. However, many aspects are still unclear, among them the inorganic/organic interface and its effects on the overall device characteristics. In order to improve our understanding of this issues, we have implemented a 2D numerical calculation that solves simultaneously for the internal electric field and the charge carriers distribution in a given diodes or structures. In the lecture we will present some results achieved using this simulation: We will discuss analysis of electrons-only diodes and examine the effect of injection layer sub-bandgap states on electron injection, aiming at improving our understanding of hybrid LEDs. We will also give some results regarding blocking layers (BLs) in solar cells, and their relation to the common I-V curves.

Location: 465
Speaker: Osnat Magen
Affiliation: Dept. Of Electeical Engineering Technion Back