Managing e-mail from the web

You can manage your e-mail from the web.
Your starting point is:
After a basic setup screen for first time users, you can
deal with all your mail files through a browser interface.
You may find this option useful when you are out of your office.

More information
Technion users who have mail accounts on Technion servers (tx, ee, etc) can read their mail through the Web when away from their office/home. See:

When entering the first time, you'll be prompted to define some fields as Your name, Signature, etc. These fields can be modified later using the 'Options' button. When finished click: 'Save Changes'.

Some features:
Mail Reader software package enables to read, delete and reply to messages arriving to your INBOX.
Use a full address when sending a message
( instead of abcd@ee).
No folders to save messages to them.
If you want a copy of a message you send, send it to yourself too (BCC:).

important !!!
Click on the 'Logout' button when finished.
This will close the session and delete any files on the local PC.

WebMail Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I read a message in Inbox?
A. Click on the sender's name.
Q. I use Eudora/Outlook Express but see no messages on Why?
A. If you want to be able to read messages using,
you need to leave messages on the server.
In Eudora:
Tools-> Options -> Checking mail ->
Click on (v) 'Leave mail on server'
and on (v) Delete from server after 20 days.
In Outlook Express:
Tools -> Accounts -> Mail -> Properties -> Advanced -> Delivery
Click on (v) Leave a copy of messages on server
and on (v) Remove from server after 20 days
Please make sure that your mailbox is large enough to contain a 20
days worth of mail items (you may want to decrease this figure!),
else when it becomes full, you won't be able to receive mail until
you have cleared old messages.

Q. How can I save messages to folders?
A. You cannot do it. Use a client mailer (Eudora, Outlook Express, etc).
This software package does not have this feature.
Q. Can I transfer my addres sbook from pine?
A. No. You can only copy some addresses using Copy (Ctrl/C) and Paste
(Ctrl/V). Then Save the Changes.

Q. How do I view a Word/Jpeg attachment?
A. Click on Save Attachment. Then you'll be prompted if you want to View
it or Save it. Click on View. That will launch Word/Netscape to view
the attachment.

Deleting messages
Q. How do I delete a message?
A. 1. When reading a message, click on 'Delete'.
2. In Inbox panel click on the white square left to the message (v).
Then click on 'Delete selected'
Q. Are deleted messages deleted from the server?
A. Yes, after you click 'Logout'.
Q. Can I undelete a message?
A. Yes. Click on 'Undelete' after you clicked 'Delete selected'. After
'Logout', the messages are deleted from the server beyond a simple restore.

Q. How do I print a message?
A. Click on the Print button in your browser or click first
on: 'Printer - friendly version' then click on the Print button.
Q. Can I print my Inbox?
A. Yes. Click on the Print button in your browser.

Q. I forwarded a message. It had never arrived. Why ?
A. One common reason is that you need to provide the full address
( instead of: abcd@ee).

Q. How secure is reading mail through
A. It is as secure as 'telnet'.
It means that user id and passwords are delivered UN-crypt through the network.
In the future, when a new POP server will be installed, it will be more
secure (using the SSL protocol).
Q. How do I exit
A. Click on 'LOGOUT' (a door picture icon). This will delete all temporary
files written on the local PC/Station.

For more questions, problem, reporting, please e-mail
Rachel Birman of the User Support Group: